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    Amarr® Classica® Collection featuring True White Santiago design with Madeira windows and Blue Ridge decorative handles and hinges. Custom painted by homeowner.

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    Amarr® Oak Summit® Collection featuring True White Long Panel Bead Board design with Moonlite windows and Blue Ridge decorative handles and hinges.

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    Amarr® Stratford® Collection featuring Sandtone Long Panel design with Trellis DecraGlass windows.

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    Amarr® Vista Collection featuring Textured Bronze powder coated aluminum frame with Frost (Satin Etch) glass and modern, exterior handles.

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    Amarr® Commercial 2700 Amarr's top-of-the-line Model 2700 sectional overhead door with hi-R-Value for commercial and industrial applications.


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Amarr Garage Doors in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

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Serving Casper, Glenrock, Wheatland, Douglas, and Rawlins.

Office 307.247.4684
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Office 307.247.4684
George 307.251.7236

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